Adequan Equine

Adequan Equine

Adequan Equine is recommended for the intramuscular treatment of non-infectious degenerative and/or traumatic joint dysfunction and associated lameness of the carpal and hock joints in horses. Each 5 ml of Adequan IM Equine contains 500 mg of Polysulfated Glycosaminoglycan (PSGAG) solution. The recommended dose of Adequan IM in horses is 500 mg (5 ml) every 4 days for 28 days, intramuscularly. Polysulfated Glycosaminoglycan.

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Polysulfated Glycosaminoglycan is chemically similar to the glycosaminoglycans in articular cartilage matrix. PSGAG is a potent proteolytic enzyme inhibitor and diminishes or reverses the pathologic processes of traumatic or degenerative joint disease which result in a net loss of cartilage matrix components. PSGAG improves joint function by reducing synovial fluid protein levels and increasing synovial fluid hyaluronic acid concentration in traumatized equine carpal and hock joints.

Adequan®i.m. (polysulfated glycosaminoglycan) is the only FDA-approved treatment proven to relieve symptoms of non-infectious degenerative osteoarthritis, to stimulate cartilage repair, and reverse the joint disease process. There is no generic version of Adequan®i.m. Studies have not been conducted to establish safety in breeding horses,
WARNING: Do not use in horses intended for human consumption. Not for use in humans. Keep this and all medications out of the reach of children. Caution: Federal law restricts this drug to use by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian. See product insert for full prescribing information by visiting

Please note that this item requires a veterinarian’s prescription.

Three convenient ways to do that are:

  1. Let us contact your veterinarian for prescription authorization.
  2. Your veterinarian can contact us by fax/phone.
  3. You can mail us the original written prescription.

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