Arnica Logoplex 100 ml

Arnica Logoplex 100 ml

Arnica Logoplex 100 ml


Per 100 g (=100 ml): Arnica montana Dil. D4 0,5g, Aconitum napellus Dil. D4 0,3g, Achillea millefolium Dil. D5 0,5 g, Atropa bella-donna Dil. D4 0,5g, Bellis perennis Dil. D4 0,25g, Bryonia Dil. D4 0,5g, Calendula officinalis Dil. D4 0,5g, Chamomilla recutita Dil. D5 0,5g, Echinacea Dil. D4 0,5g, Hamamelis virginiana Dil. D3 0,1g, Hepar sulfuris Dil. D6 aquos. 0,5g, Hypericum perforatum Dil. D4 0,3g, Mercurius solubilis Hahnemanni Dil. D8 aquos. 0,3g, Symphytum officinale e radice Dil. D8 0,5g, Rhus toxicodendron Dil. D6 0,5g.


Traumas of various origins and their consequences, wounds and injuries of muscles, bone, periosteum, blood vessels, nerve tissue, connective tissue, effects of over-exertion, bleeding, blood loss, sprains, contusions, arthritis, osteoarthritis.

Arnica Logoplex 100 ml

Dosage and administration

Shake well before use. For subcutaneous injection. The single dose is according to the body weight as follows:

– cattle, horse: 10 ml
– calf, pig: 5 ml
– sheep, goat: max 3 ml
– piglet: max 0.2 ml per kg body weight (max 3 ml per animal)
– dog: max 0.2 ml per kg body weight (max 3 ml per animal)
– kat:  max 0.2 ml per kg body weight (max 1 ml per animal)

Depending on the severity of the disease and the evolution, a single dose can be repeated 1-2 times daily for 4-5 days. 


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