• Reduces inflammation in horses
  • Alleviates pain in horses
  • Non-steroidal; no adrenal suppression or steroid side effects.
  • Fast acting. Active for up to 36 hrs

Possible Side Effects Injectable:

In horse, isolated reports of local reactions following intramuscular injection, particularly in the neck, have been received. These include localized swelling, sweating, induration, and stiffness. In rare instances in horses, fatal or nonfatal clostridial infections or other infections have been reported in association with intramuscular use of flunixin meglumine. In horses and cattle, rare instances of anaphylactic-like reactions, some of which have been fatal, have been reported, primarily following intravenous use.

Precuations Injectable:

Horse: The effect of BANAMINE Injectable Solution on pregnancy has not been determined. Studies to determine activity of BANAMINE Injectable Solution when administered concomitantly with other drugs have not been conducted. Drug compatibility should be monitored closely in patients requiring adjunctive therapy.
Cattle: Do not use in bulls intended for breeding, as reproductive effects of Banamine Injectable Solution in these classes of cattle have not been investigated. NSAIDs are known to have potential effects on both parturition (See Contraindications) and the estrous cycle. There may be a delay in the onset of estrus if flunixin is administered during the prostaglandin phase of the estrous cycle. NSAIDs are known to have the potential to delay parturition through a tocolytic effect. The use of NSAIDs in the immediate post-partum period may interfere with uterine involution and expulsion of fetal membranes. Cows should be monitored carefully for placental retention if Banamine Injectable Solution is used within 24 hours after parturition.

Precautions Paste:

The effect of BANAMINE Paste on pregnancy has not been determined. Studies to date show there is no detrimental effect on stallion spermatogenesis with or following the recommended dose of BANAMINE Paste.

Storage Paste:

Store between 2° and 30°C (36° and 86°F).

Storage Injectable:

Store between 2° and 30°C (36° and 86°F).

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