Electromas Powder

Electromas Powder

Electromas Powder


Rehydrating Soluble. Orally .


Prevention and treatment of electrolyte losses, diarrhea, cramping, excessive sweating, etc. in all species.


Adult horses: 1 envelope (50 g) dissolved in drinking water or administered by nasoesophageal tube is enough to compensate for electrolyte losses produced by regular work. In cases of diarrhea, colic, etc., double the doses.

Calves: Dissolve in 2 liters of water, the contents of 1 sachet (50 g), shake until complete dissolution, and administer 1 or 2 times per day for 2-3 days; then reduce by half and begin the administration of dairy substitutes (1 liter per meal), for 2 days, until the normal level of nutrition is restored. 
In cases of bacterial diarrhea, antibiotics may be administered. 
Canines and Felines: 0.5 – 2 g per day. 
These doses can be modified according to the case and / or professional criteria.

Electromas Powder




Package x 1 kg. (20 envelopes x 50 gr each)


The experiences carried out in PSC animals, in training or in hares, for the determination of electrolytes in blood and those eliminated by urine, have confirmed that the oral contribution of electrolytes, significantly improves the condition and performance of the treated animals.

The chemical elements that make up the formulation of ELECTROMAS “AGROPHARMA”, give rise to that it can be considered as a highly specific product in the treatment of loss of electrolytes, produced, either by a regular work, in tests of resistance, by excessive sweating, diarrhea or colic.

ELECTROMAS “AGROPHARMA”, is thus the ideal supplement to maintain the electrolyte balance of equines. This electrolyte balance is of vital importance for the period of training and to maintain performance, as as a result of muscle fatigue and the loss of minerals (Na) by sweating, the phenomenon of transmineralization occurs (permeability of the fiber membrane muscle with potassium output and sodium intake).

ELECTROMAS “AGROPHARMA”, is also recommended for the bovine species, especially in diarrhea, (diarrhea of the calf, very acute infectious disease that causes high number of deaths, and characterized by depression, severe diarrhea and dehydration ), demonstrating with some efficiency that the loss of electrolytes, can be compensated by oral administration of our specific ELECTROMAS “AGROPHARMA”.

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