External antiparasitic Pyojicide. Insect repellent

Cattle, Sheep, and Swine 
Use in Veterinary Medicine 
Free sale in premises with professional veterinary advice

Controls Horn Fly  ELMER POUR ON
Net content 1 lt / 5 lt

Formula : Each 100 ml contains: 
Cypermethrin (2,2-dimethyl-3- (2-2 dichloro vinyl) cyclo-3-phenoxybenzyl propylate carboxylate) 5.00 g., Trichlorfon 0.0 dimethyl- (2, 2,2-trichloro-1-hydroxyethyl) phosphonate 10.00 g., Formulation Agents csp 100.00 ml.

Indications : For the control and treatment of the horn fly (H. Irritans) of lice of the genus Anoplura (suckers) in cattle (Haematopinus Eurysternus and Linognathus vituli), in swine (Haematopinus suis) and in sheep (Linognathus Ovillus and Pedalis) ). Likewise, for lice of the genus Mallophaga (chewers) in cattle and sheep (Damalinia Bovis and Ovis). In addition, for the control and treatment of the spiny tick of the bovine ear (Otobius Megnini). As an insect repellent: Flies, Stomoxys Calcitrans (Fly Brava), horseflies and mosquitoes.


· For the Horn Fly and Diptera in general: 10 ml up to 400 Kg of live weight and, 20 ml for more than 400 Kg of weight. 
· For lice in all species: a single dose of 10 ml for cattle and 5 ml for sheep and pigs. 
· For the Tick of the Ear: 1 ml on the inner side of each ear. 
As an insect repellent, the 20 ml dose will be distributed between the cross, the rump and each rib.

Routes and Forms of Application : Direct application, spilling the product on the skin. For lice and horn fly, along the midline, from the cross to the rump, exhausting the dose. For the tick of the ear, instill the dose in the inner part of the ear pinna and, as an insect repellent distribute in several places.

Recommendations : Shake before use. It is prudent to avoid the hottest or coldest hours to carry out the treatment, as well as the threat of rain. In the adult lanar, dose after shearing, within 45 days. In general, avoid impregnating too much the hair and the wool and, in the pigs, ensure that the skin is clean.

Restrictions on Use : Do not slaughter animals for human consumption until 21 days after the last treatment. No restriction of use for dairy cows in production.

Precautions : Keep the container always well closed, out of the reach of children and pets. Avoid contact with food products, beverages and items for personal hygiene. In case of prolonged contact with the skin, wash well with soap and water. Destroy the containers after use.

Notice to the doctor : In case of accidental ingestion, call or go to the doctor, with the container. As this product inhibits cholinesterase, the use of atropine sulphate corresponds to 1 per thousand. Inject 3 mg at intervals of 1-2 hours until the symptoms of intoxication disappear. Do not supply morphine.


Warning : As this product will be used beyond the control of its processor, it is not responsible for the consequences arising from its improper use.

Conservation : between 5 and 25º C. 
Keep out of the reach of children 
National Poison Center 0800-333-0160

Product registered in SENANA 
Certificate Nº 92487 
Coronel Uzal 3376, Olivos, B1636DGF, 
Buenos Aires, Argentina 
Tel: +54 11 5430-5578 / 5431-5782 

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