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universal vet supplies welcomes you! You’ve just come to the place where the exceptional quality of veterinary products and wallet-friendly prices meet under the same roof. We pride ourselves on being a go-to supplier of proven medications for horses, dogs, camels, and other performance animals. Our mission here is to help you look after your companion by keeping diseases at bay.
Anti Inflammatory Painkillers
The type of medicines that you need to treat your pain depend on what type of pain you have. For pain associated with inflammation, such as back pain or headaches, paracetamol and anti-inflammatory painkillers work best
Charley Horse Dietary Supplement
Supplement with Magnesium. A few years ago, researchers in the United Kingdom found that 300 mg of supplemental magnesium (as magnesium citrate) reduced nighttime or nocturnal leg cramps in individuals who suffered chronic leg cramps. Like magnesium, potassium is an electrolyte found in your muscles.
strong painkillers for back pain
Your GP may recommend medicines to help ease your back pain. Pain relief can help ease the symptoms but these medicines won’t treat the cause. This is why it’s really important to keep active and mobile too. The pain relief your doctor may offer will depend on what’s causing your pain, how severe it is and whether a medicine is suitable for you. Most people with acute (short-term) back pain will recover fairly quickly, within a few weeks.

Best Selling Products

banamine for horses
brand of flunixin meglumine is the pioneer injectable non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug approved for cattle and horses in the United States!

  Dexamethasone Tablets Allergic States Control of severe or incapacitating allergic conditions intractable to adequate trials of conventional treatment in asthma, atopic dermatitis,

 ksalol 1mg anti-anxiety medicines that contain Alprazolam as its active ingredient. It comes from the family of the Benzodiazepine class of drugs.

Alprazolam is a benzodiazepine (ben-zoe-dye-AZE-eh-peen). It is thought that alprazolam works by enhancing the activity of certain neurotransmitters in the brain.

calming supplements for horses

Keep Calm & Ride On – When to Use Calming Supplements

Horses are unique individuals that handle situations differently.  While one horse may be calm as a cucumber and show no care in the world, another might have a very high “flight” response and become nervous at the slightest thing.  Although some horses can be more “high-strung” by nature, there are some things that horse owners can do to help ease the situation and help their horse become more rideable.

VT 101 – 2.5 ML

Feed Management

Diet can directly impact your horse’s energy and state of mind.  Foods with high sugar and starch levels, such as concentrates, can rile up even the calmest equines.  Put your horse on a diet with more fiber-enriched foods, like roughage, to help mellow him out. 

Overfeeding your horse compared to his activity level can also create an energetic horse.  If you feed your horse a performance grain, but he only gets ridden 3 times a week with minimal turnout, he may be receiving too many calories with a lack of adequate means of expelling his energy.

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Joint supplements for horses provide additional nutritional support for normal and healthy joint function to help keep them comfortable and moving at his best. There’s a lot for your horse’s joints to contend with throughout the year. In the winter, the increased likelihood of restricted turnout means he’s likely to be moving less and when this is combined with colder temperatures, stiffness is a common result. If the ground’s not hard then it’s wet, which can lead to more roadwork and increased concussive forces on the joint, too. Whereas in the summer hard ground is also unavoidable if you’re not confined to a school.

The Science Behind Our Products

Reputation matters and as the leaders in equine and canine supplement research we are committed to manufacturing only the finest quality supplements and care products which are developed to help keep your horses and dogs happy and healthy based on the latest scientific research and data.

We are independently rated as “Excellent” with 5 Stars by Trustpilot and are the UK’s ONLY feed and supplement manufacturer to have won the Innovation Award twice and also have our research published in a peer reviewed scientific journal. It simply does not get any better than that!

We have over 18 research papers on our products including published peer reviewed papers in scientific journals. The team have over 10 equine degrees, two veterinary surgeons and two PhD’s all working tirelessly to support the health and welfare of your horses. We work with the best academic facilities in the world including the Animal Heath Trust, Hartpury College, University of Edinburgh and Oklahoma State University to bring you the latest products and research available. 

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What we Supply?

We offer a broad range of horse supplements, making it easier for you to find the combination that suits the unique needs of your horse. Because your horse’s body faces different demands and challenges throughout the year, you may consider altering some of the horse supplements that you feed, to compensate for changes in exercise, your show/trail schedule and the climate. Whether you are correcting a nutritional imbalance with multi-vitamins, maintaining joint health, or bringing calm and focus to your ride, we strive to find the most effective horse supplements for you. synthetic cannabinoids


Does my horse need a supplement?

Your horse may be getting everything it needs already from its diet. It’s important to make sure that any supplements you feed your horse are benefitting their health, and there are a few useful questions to ask yourself: Does my horse have a condition I need to treat? Is my horse getting old? Is my horse on a restricted diet and therefore missing out on essential nutrients? Is my horse being exercised heavily?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, it may be worth considering supplementation for your horse. Before adding or changing a supplement we recommend speaking to either your vet or an equine nutritionist to ensure you’re feeding the best option for your horse. All horses are different and what works for one horse may not work for another.

It can take some time to find the best solution for your horse. Whether your horse requires calming supplements, something to aid digestion, help maintaining healthy hooves or assistance for ageing joints it’s essential to monitor your horse to see how they respond to their supplemented diet. It’s best not to regularly change your horse’s diet but at the same time there is no point continuing to feed a supplement that is having no beneficial effect.

There are a huge range of horse supplements on the market, available in numerous forms including powders, liquids, tablets and pellets. Some provide an instant boost whilst others are designed to build up in the horses system over time.

Joint Supplements for Horses

It’s incredibly important to look after your horses joints and look out for signs that your horse may be uncomfortable. There are numerous reasons you may need to feed horse joint supplements, including, specific health conditions, to support an ageing horse, or to maintain comfort and performance in a sports horse.

Joint supplements for horses contain nutrients that are proven to support joint flexibility. For performance horses these focus on recovery of tendons and ligaments to ensure the horse is comfortable after strenuous exercise and limit any long-term damage to the joints.

Supplements for the joints can also be used to keep horses comfortable as they age as well as targeting specific health concerns found in older horses. Joint supplements for horses with arthritis for example focus on soothing the joints ensuring comfort and reduced pain whilst also helping to restore tendons and ligaments so that your horse can move more freely again.

Our range of joint supplements for horses include leading brands NAFGlobal HerbsAnimalife and Equine America so you’re sure to find the best solution for your horse.





What To Know About Horse Supplements

Supplements for horses, which are more correctly called complementary feeding stuffs, are added to a horse’s feed when he needs an additional source of particular nutrients to support his good health.

Horse supplements can be broad-spectrum vitamin and mineral supplements, which are aimed at supporting a horse’s continued general wellbeing, while others are formulated to target a specific area – for example, joint supplementshoof supplements or calmers.

Supplements can come in a variety of forms, but the most common are powder, liquid and pellets. They should be easy to mix in with a bucket feed to ensure that the whole measure is ingested.

What do supplements do?

Broad-spectrum supplements provide vitamins and minerals that might be missing or lacking in your horse’s diet – for example, if he is on restricted grazing or doesn’t receive a balanced bucket feed. More specific supplements provide extra targeted nutrition with particular ingredients that are known to offer support in a specified area.

Supplements should not be confused with medication, but rather can be used to support a healthy horse. For example, hoof supplements can promote healthy hoof growth, while respiratory supplements can support the respiratory system to keep it operating in a healthy way.

Targeted supplements

Specific horse supplements include…

Supplements in sport

To protect horse welfare and ensure a level playing field, if you take part in affiliated competition, such as under the rules of British Dressage, your horse may be tested to ensure he has not ingested any controlled medications or banned substances. The use of supplements is at your own risk so extreme caution is recommended.


Equioxx Injection

Dexamethasone 2mg

To help you make a safe choice and prevent accidental doping, look for companies that have UFAS (Universal Feed Assurance Scheme) accreditation and carry a BETA NOPS logo, which shows they meet the standard for the control of naturally occurring prohibited substances.