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The 2c-b-fly family of drugs are classed as psychedelics (hallucinogens) but they can also produce stimulant effects.
As hallucinogens, they can make you experience reality in a distorted way that may cause hallucinations (seeing and hearing things that aren’t there).

Buy Quality 2C-B

Buy Quality 2C-B


As stimulants, they can make you feel awake, alert and affectionate towards people around you.

The 2c-b drugs can make you:

energised and alert
extra aware of colours, sounds and smells
very sensitive to touch and sexually aroused
They can also make you:


happy and in tune with your surroundings (similar to ecstasy), especially if taken in smaller doses
see the world around you as being distorted, this is sometimes called ‘visuals’
hallucinate, especially if taken in larger doses
As with all psychedelic drugs, it’s very hard to predict how you’ll feel when you take a 2C drug – and some 2Cs cause more psychedelic effects than others. The more you take, the more intense and uncontrollable the experience will be.


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