Anti-Stamin 100 Ml



Anti-Stamin 100 Ml

Each ml. Contains: Hydrochloric diphenhydramine 10 mg.

Vehicle cbp 1 ml.

ANTI-STAMIN has antiallergic and antispasmodic properties, it is effective in the treatment of allergies caused by food, insect bites, chemicals or drugs.

Anti-Stamin 100 Ml

It reduces congestion of the mucous membranes, eliminates itching and itching, is useful in the treatment of emphysema and ketosis in cattle and in cases of photosensitization.

Presentation of 100 ml. * To be used only by zootechnical veterinary doctors *

* Restricted sale with a simple prescription: Auditable document for the prescription of a Group II pharmaceutical product, prepared by a veterinarian.



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