Bute Injectable



Bute Injectable

Anti-Inflammatory Injectable – 100ml Vial.

Active Ingredients:
Each mL of sterile aqueous solution contains:
Phenylbutazone 200 mg
Benzyl alcohol 1.5%
Sodium hydroxide used to adjust pH and water for injection U.S.P.

For relief of inflammatory condition associated with the musculoskeletal system in horses.

Bute Injectable

Dosage and Administration:

  • The intravenous dose for horses is 5 to 10 mL (1 to 2 g) per 1,000 lbs. per day.
  • The injection should be administered slowly.
  • Intravenous administration should be limited to five (5) consecutive days.
  •  An initial high dose is recommended to obtain a prompt effect.
  • As the symptom regresses, the dose should be reduced.

Because this is a cooler item, it must Ship OVERNIGHT Delivery to insure the integrity of the product. This items ships in a styrofoam cooler with ice packs on Monday-Thursdays (on orders placed before 2:00p.m.) Click here for our Vaccine Shipping Schedule

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