Bute Powder



  • Non Compounded Bute Powder.
  • 1.1 lbs with 50 grams of Bute.
  • 2.2 lbs with 100 grams of Bute.
  • Citrus Flavored.


  • Phenylbutazone is for the relief of inflammatory conditions associated with the musculoskeletal system in horses.
  • In the treatment of inflammatory conditions associated with infections, specific anti-infective therapy should be used concurrently.


  • For Horses Only: Administer orally (using the 0.6 ounce (18 mL) scoop provided) on a small amount of palatable feed and mix well.
  • Give 1 to 2 level scoops per 500 pounds of body weight, but do not exceed 4 scoops per animal daily.
  • Use the high dose for the first 48 hours, then gradually reduce to a maintenance dose.


  • Phenylbute is supplied in 2.2 lb (1 kg) jars each containing a dispensing scoop.
  • One level scoop delivers 10 grams of powder containing 1 gram of phenylbutazone.


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