Coppersept 475 ml



Coppersept 475 ml

COPPERSEPT Copper naphthenate Q-0513-015 Antiseptics COPPERSEPT BovinesPigsEquinesSheepCaprines

Indications: Topical solution with astringent, antiseptic, healing and fungicidal action that forms a plasticized film that allows a prolonged action. Coppersept is indicated for the treatment of hoof cracks, wounds, necrotic pododermatitis (gabarro), all types of mycosis (ringworm or dermatophytosis), abscesses, cutaneous myases (worms), hairy wart (Fusobacterium necrophorum). It is also useful for pruning chronic hypertrophic dermatitis or horse fig (Thrush).

Coppersept 475 ml

Dose: Clean the affected area, removing the necrotic tissue. It is recommended to use protective gloves to avoid stains. Apply a thin, uniform film sufficient to cover the area being treated.



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