Cystorelin Injectable



Cystorelin Injectable

  • CYSTORELIN® is a sterile solution containing 50 micrograms of gonadorelin (GnRH) diacetate tetrahydrate per milliliter suitable for intramuscular or intravenous administration.
  • Gonadorelin is the hypothalamic releasing factor responsible for the release of gonadotropins (e.g., LH, FSH) from the anterior pituitary. Synthetic gonadorelin is physiologically and chemically identical to the endogenous bovine hypothalamic releasing factor.


Cystorelin is indicated for the treatment of ovarian follicular cysts in dairy cattle. Ovarian cysts are non-ovulated follicles with incomplete luteinization which result in nymphomania or irregular estrus.Historically, cystic ovaries have responded to an exogenous source of luteinizing hormone (LH) such as human chorionic gonadotropin. CYSTORELIN initiates release of endogenous LH to cause ovulation and luteinization.

The recommended intravenous or intramuscular dosage of CYSTORELIN is 100 mcg (2 mL) per cow.


Each mL of CYSTORELIN contains:

Gonadorelin diacetate tetrahydrate

50 mcg

Benzyl Alcohol

9 mg

Sodium Chloride

7.47 mg

Water for Injection, U.S.P.


pH adjusted with potassium phosphate (monobasic and dibasic).


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