Equimins Devils Claw Liquid for Horses


Equimins Devils Claw Liquid is a herbal tincture formulated from the African herb Harpagophytum for the nutritional maintenance of healthy bones and joints. It helps maintain suppleness and ease of movement.



This product is the tincture version, making the qualities of the herb much more available and going straight into the bloodstream. It is made by soaking the herb in 1:4 strength of ethanol and water for a month and then pressing it off. This concentrates the herb substantially.

All produced in a cold process.

Please be advised that Devil’s Claw is now prohibited in affiliated competition.

1 litre will last 50 days.

Store at 10 – 20 degrees C.

Always replace the lid after use.

Do not feed to mares in foal.


Dried Herb in an alcohol tincture (1:5 e.g 200g herb per litre) as follows:

  • Devils Claw ( Harpagophytum procumbens) – country of origin for this herb is Namibia.

Feeding Recommendations

  • Horses: 20 – 40 ml per day
  • Dogs: 2.5 -10 ml per day


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