Equine America Bloom and Condition


Super concentrated Bloom and Condition is a premium grade product. Loaded with a special balance of essential vitamins and minerals a horse or pony needs, and which may be lacking in their domestic diet.



Also contains yeast products which aid the bacteria in the hind gut. This will therefore optimise digestion and increase the absorption of the nutrients gained from the feed. Includes Echinacea for the immune system, Turmeric for a healthy liver, highly effective probiotics and powerful antioxidants. Also contains the very best ingredients to support bone, hoof and muscle tissue and benefit the circulatory system. Bloom and Condition will complement any feeding regime without any additional heating effects.

Feed to all horses and ponies daily for optimum health and condition. Bloom and Condition can help maintain vitality in the older horse. Feed alongside Lamigard TRT to support the laminitic horse or pony when on a restricted diet. Available in 908g (one month supply at maintenance for an average 500kg horse).


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