Equitop Myoplast for Horses


Equitop Myoplast is a dietary supplement geared at developing lean muscle mass in competition horses through a concentrated source of valuable nutrients. Pharmaceutical grade in a bio-available form, Equitop Myoplast is both safe and highly effective when used regularly.



Sport and show horses, as well as young horses in training, can benefit from all Equitop has to offer, including its careful blend of iron and 18 essential amino acids (L-Lysine, L-Threonine, DL-Methionine and L-Tryptophan included) to reconstruct new muscle and condition existing tissue. Most of our customers report seeing a marked difference in their horses between 2-4 weeks and 93% would use Equitop Myoplast again.

Equitop Myoplast is supplied with a 25g scoop. The daily dose is one scoop per day for a horse under 500kg bodyweight, and 2 scoops for horses over 500kg. However it is safe to give a higher dose for horses during intensive training or competition. Always check with your vet if in doubt.

Results should be visible within 3-4 weeks.

When will your horse get the most from Equitop Myoplast?
  • During periods of intensive training and competition
  • When your horse is in training at the beginning of the season or when you are bringing horses in
  • to work after a period of rest
  • When you have a young horse entering training
  • When you have an older horse finding it difficult to maintain condition
  • When you have a broodmare with an increased need for protein
  • During rehabilitation – when you do not want to increase the amount of calories, but want to maintain muscle condition

It is recommended that EQUITOP MYOPLAST is fed for at least a month initially. Results should be visible within 3-4 weeks, overall condition and muscle definition should improve with a reported increase in stamina and exercise tolerance.

How long will it last? Up to 60 days

Approximate cost per day Approx £1.44

Complies with Jockey Club/FEI rules? Yes

  • Myoplast feeding campaign results
  • Composition
  • Analysis
  • Feeding guidelines

Myoplast feeding campaign results

After a campaign, the following results were found:



Algae powder (Spirulina platensis) 40%, Saccharose, Glucose syrup, Corn starch.


  • Crude protein – 26.1%
  • Crude oils & fats – 2.1%
  • Crude ash – 2.9%
  • Crude fibre – 3.2%
  • Crude sodium – 0.1%

Essential amino acids

  • Isoleucine – 1.41%
  • Leucine – 2.22%
  • Lysine – 1.15%
  • Methionine – 0.58%
  • Threonine – 1.28%
  • Tryptophan – 0.44%
  • Valine – 1.55%

Non-essential amino acids

  • Arginine – 1.56%
  • Cystine – 0.60%
  • Histidine – 0.48%

Other nutrients

  • Bioavailable Iron

Feeding guidelines

The following amounts should be mixed with the horse’s main feed once per day. Myoplast should be used for the minimum of a 4 week period.

  • Small horse (Up to 500kg) – 25g (1 scoop)
  • Large horse (Over 500kg) – 50g (2 scoops)

Equitop Myoplast can be fed at a maintenance level all year round, feed half the recommended amout above.


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