Hoof Gold 1.5kg



Hoof Gold 1.5kg

Hoof Gold 1.5kg is highly recommended for Horses with the following conditions:  Laminitis, Heel cracks, White Line Disease, Wall separation, Thin soles, Cracked walls.

  • Specically designed and made in Australia for our diverse and harsh conditions
  • High concentration biotin, MSM, methionine and zinc blend with specific trace elements uniquely formulated by veterinary surgeons to aid in hoof growth.
  • This horse hoof forumla is recommended for any horse hoof condition requiring additional hoof strength and growth.
  • Hoof Gold binds well in feed with molasses, honey, or water.
 2 x 30g scoops PER DAY
700KG above 3 x 30g scoops
150KG below 1 x 30g  scoop
Mix in wet feed or mix with water and orally syringe if your horse is in a shared paddock.


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