Lubrisyn HA Joint Formula



Lubrisyn HA Joint Formula

HA is naturally found in the synovial fluid cushioning our joints and throughout the body in the skin and eyes. Age depletes our stores of HA, but Lubrisyn HA can help replenish those stores and so reduce the friction and inflammation that can lead to painful arthritic conditions and other age-related conditions. A 2 teaspoon serving of LubriSyn HA delivers 60 mg of hyaluronic acid in a gel form. Each 11.5 oz. bottle provides a 2 week supply. Does not contain Sucralose.

Lubrisyn HA Joint Formula

* Lubrisyn is Hyaluronic Acid that is derived from a microbial fermentation source with no animal protein contamination.
* Lubrisyn uses the highest molecular weight available, which matches the profile of human hyaluronic acid.
* It is in its most absorbable form, an oral liquid to be absorbed by the mouth and throat.


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