Omeprazole Plus


Scientifically Advanced Formula  Plus Added Sucralfate

  • Simply the best Dual Action Formula for Stomach Ulcers in Horses.
  • 6 doses per tube, 420mg of Omeprazole & 100mg Sucralfate per ml. Strongest on the Market.
  • Cost effective
  • 100% Guaranteed
  • The results speaks for themselves


Treatment for Horses & Camel Stomach Ulcers


Omerprazole Plus is the only proven treatment for equine and Camel stomach ulcers. Omerprazole Plus contains specially formulated omeprazole as well as added sucralfate that acts at the source of acid production. Unlike other, unproven products, which attempt to “coat” the stomach lining or neutralize acidity, Omerprazole Plus inhibits the proton pump that produces stomach acid. With fewer active pumps, your horse or Camels stomach produces enough acid to break down food, but not the excess acid that causes ulcers.


Inhibits acid production at the proton pump source.


After a horse has been diagnosed with stomach ulcers by a veterinarian, treatment with OMEPRAZOLE PLUS for 60 days is recommended. After treatment with Omerprazole Plus (omeprazole and sucralfate) can be used during times of stress to prevent ulcers from returning.


Before administering Omerprazole Plus, make sure the horse or camel’s mouth contains no feed. Remove the cover from the tip of the syringe, and insert the syringe into the horse’s mouth at the interdental space. Depress the plunger until stopped by the knurled ring. The dose should be deposited on the back of the tongue or deep into the cheek pouch. Replace the syringe cap after use; remaining paste may be reused on following days until emptied.

Care should be taken to ensure that the horse or camel consumes the complete dose. Treated animals should be observed briefly after administration to ensure that part of the dose is not lost or rejected. If any of the dose is lost, re-dosing is recommended.

Give 5ml orally every day for 60 days is recommended, then 3ml daily thereafter.


420mg Omeprazole and 100mg sucralfate per dose and 6 dosage per tube.


6 Doses per Tube, 5 Tubes per Packet


Store below 25C (Air Conditioned). Protect from direct light.


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