Science Supplements Linseed Conditioner for Horses


Linseed Conditioner from Science Supplements brings many benefits to your horse without the arduous task of having to boil pre-feed. This pure Linseed supplement can be fed straight from the bucket and provides a safer, palatable, high in oil energy source which is suitable for all horses and ponies.



The high concentration of omega 3 oils provides maintenance for healthy skin and gives a show ring shine. It has been formulated with calcium to aid in normal skeletal, nerve and muscle function, and has added vitamin E which has been proven to be an extra requirement in horses which are fed diets supplemented with oil.

Feeding guidelines

The amount of Linseed Conditioner that you feed per day will depend on your individual horse or pony, its bodyweight and level of exercise. As a guide, we recommend between 125 – 500g per day for a pony (this is roughly equivalent to ½ – 2 mugs full per day). For a horse we suggest between 250 – 1000g per day (this is roughly equivalent to 1 – 4 mugs full per day). It is important to always feed to maintain a suitable body weight and condition.


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