SUPER VITAMIN B12 5500 30ml



 SUPER VITAMIN B12 5500 30ml

Tornel’s 100% ORIGINAL Super Vitamin .

In cases of pernicious anemia, as an appetite stimulant, in the presence of vitamin deficiencies, to maintain the normal functioning of the nervous system, in states of tension or stress, when there are sudden changes in temperature, environment or diet.

SUPER VITAMIN B12 5500 30ml

Cyanocobalamin (B12) 2,500 mcg
Hydroxycobalamin 3,000 mcg
Vitamin B15 1,250 mcg
Biotin (vitamin H) 50 mcg
Liver extract 4% (V / V)
Vehicle, cbp 1 mL.

Roosters: 0.5 mLl
Horses: 5 ml Cattle and pigs: 2-5 mL
Canines and felines: 0.5-1 mL.

The application can be repeated in two or three weeks.


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