TopSpec Super Conditioning Flakes for Horses


TopSpec Super Conditioning Flakes are designed to be added to a feed balancer or supplement and therefore contain no added vitamins or trace-elements. They are a blend of straight raw materials rather than a complete feed. One of the ways in which they are superior to most straights however, is that they have been supplemented with the major minerals calcium and sodium.



TopSpec Super Conditioning Flakes are particularly beneficial where weight gain is required but feed sizes cannot be increased or already too large. They are ideal for show horses and ponies and bloodstock being prepared for sales. They are also very useful for broodmares in late gestation when their digestive capacity is reduced by the increasing size of the foal and broodmares in early lactation when the energy demands on the mare are very high and maintaining condition can be difficult. These flakes are perfect in controlled amounts for elderly horses that struggle to maintain condition, particularly in winter and for fussy feeders that require increased calorie intake but dislike oil or greasy, high-fat premixes.

When To Use?

To improve condition.

To reduce the weight of current hard feed intake without reducing condition.

To improve the palatability of feed.


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