TRM 2:2:1 Superlyte Paste for Horses

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Using the same specially developed formula, TRM 2:2:1 Superlyte Paste is a fast-acting electrolyte booster, ideal for immediate post-competition/exercise recovery. In an easy to administer syringe, this delicious paste come in palatable peppermint and molasses flavour.

  • Composition
  • Feeding guidelines



per 70g per 1kg
Chloride 3,430mg 49,000mg
Sodium 3,440mg 49,140mg
Potassium 1,720mg 24,570mg
Calcium 539mg 7,700mg
Magnesium 270mg 3,860mg
Glucose 20,000mg 285,710mg

Feeding guidelines

  • Horses in training: Feed one syringe of 2:2:1 Superlyte post exercise
  • Horses in competition: Feed one syringe of 2:2:1 Superlyte pre and/or post competition/race
  • Horses in transit & hot weather: Feed one syringe of 2:2:1 Superlyte per day

Fresh drinking water should be available at all times.

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