TRM SpeedXCell for Horses


Comprehensive and balanced nutrition, TRM SpeedXCell offers a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals in a palatable and affordable daily feed supplement. Comprising over twenty essential nutrients, TRM SpeedXCell can be used to promote and maintain optimal health, performance and recovery, particularly in competition and race horses.




per 60g per Litre
Vitamin A 40,000iu 666,667iu
Vitamin D 6,500iu 108,333iu
Vitamin E 800iu 13,333iu
Vitamin K 10mg 167mg
Vitamin B1 70mg 1,167mg
Vitamin B2 60mg 1,000mg
Vitamin B6 30mg 500mg
Vitamin B12 120mcg 2,000mcg
Biotin 1.5mg 25mg
Folic Acid 50mg 833mg
d-Pantothenic Acid 60mg 1,000mg
Niacin 150mg 2,500mg
Elemental Iron 100mg 1,667mg
Manganese 200mg 3,333mg
Copper 60mg 1,000mg
Zinc 225mg 3,750mg
Iodine 3mg 50mg
Cobalt 1.5mg 25mg
Selenium 0.4mg 6.67mg


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