Sebacil 250ML 50% BAYER

Sebacil 250ML 50% BAYER



Cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, horses.

Description Sebacil 250 ml 50% Bayer

SEBACIL 250ML 50% BAYER is an ectoparasiticide of the organophosphate family. Phoxim is an inhibitor of the enzyme cholinesterase in synapses of nerve ganglion. Inhibition of the enzyme is irreversible under physiological conditions. The acetylcholine postsynaptic accumulation interferes with the normal transmission of impulses in the central nervous system of arthropods. A phase of marked hyperarousal and convulsions followed by paralysis and death.



– Meat and offal: 40 days.
– Milk: in the absence of MRL for milk, do not use in milk-producing females for human consumption, lactating and dry period in producing or future drinking milk within 2 months before farrowing.


Sheep, horses & goats:
– Meat and offal: 28 days.
– Milk: in the absence of MRLs for milk, do not use in producing milk intended for females
human consumption, lactating and dry period or in future milk producers
consumption within 2 months before parturition.


– Meat & offal: 10 days.

Directions for use of BAYER SEBACIL SOL 250ML


External use.
3 mg to 10 mg of phoxim kg body weight by dipping, spraying or rubbing the sponge in a
single application after product dilution as recommended below:



Refill the bath: when bath volume decreased by 20%, recharge with a solution of 250 ml of pure product in 125 liters of water. You can recharge the bath the first 3 days. For efficiency and hygiene reasons, it is necessary to renew the full bath on the 5th day.


Ghosting is from 2 to 8 weeks according to the following parasite species: gales, keds, lice and myiasis. The activity on ticks is curative. The product has acaricidal efficacy against ticks from 24
hours after application. The full treatment of a horse with a sponge requires 2-3 liters of solution





One ml of solution contains:

Substance (s) active (s)
Phoxim … … 500 mg


List of excipients

p-Méthilphényléthyll (2.7)) – phénoxypolyglycol (27) -ether
p-Méthilphényléthyll (2.7)) – phénoxypolyglycol (17) -ether
Calcium salt of n-dodécylbenzosulfonique acid



Precaution of use


This solution should not be used as such, but must be diluted before use. When preparing large quantities of solution and to obtain a homogeneous emulsion, it is preferable to dilute the amount of pure product needed for processing in about 5 liters of water and then to add this pre-dilution with water bath or showers.


Do not use the medicine 10 days before and 10 days after administration of other cholinesterase inhibitors, phenothiazines or muscle relaxants. Also avoid simultaneous use with general anesthetics.




250 ml bottle

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