Winds Granulado

Winds Granulado

Winds Granulado (clembuterol)

Granulated product with Clenbuterol as the basic component, with bronchodilating actiona and cooperating in expectoration, to be orally administered to horses

Each 10 g of product contains 0.16 mg of Clenbuterol hydroclhoride

Clinical Pharmacology:
Clenbuterol is a powerful sympathomimetic of optimum absorption to be administered orally with high affinity binding to ├č2 receptors of the bronchial area. For this reason its most important effects are bronchial dilation eliminating bronchospasm, stimulation of vibration in the bronchial cilia thus facilitating expectoration and the increase of pulmonary ventilation with prolonged effect

Winds Granulado

Indications and Usage:
Bronchospasm – Bronchitis – Bronchiolitis – Chronic obstruent pulmonary disease – Chronic and acute ailments
Optimum result when administered jointly with antibiotics in bronchopulmonary infections. It prevents allergic respiratory reactions

Dosage and Administration:
One 15cc measure (10 g) each 200 kg mixed with dry ration twice a day for no less than three days. In acute cases it can be administered for 10 to 14 days. In chronic cases it can be administered for 1 month. In all cases the duration of treatment will depend on the professional┬┤s criterion

Winds Granulado

Counterindications and Warnings:
Not to be used in combination with corticosteroid.
Discontinue treatment in pregnant mares about 5 days before parturition. Not to be used during lactation. Its effect is cancelled by oxytocin and prostaglandin

Restrictions in Usage:
No human consumption of animals under treatment with the product

How Supplied:
Pot of 500 g and pail with 6 Kg of granulated product including a dose measure

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