Xilazina 10%


Sedative, Miorrelajante and analgesic made of Xylazina, for equine.

Xylazine (us clorhidrate): 100 mg.
Excipients c.s.p: 1 ml.
Sedative, Muscle Relaxant and Analgesic.

Xylazine 10% is suitable for the following cases:
Diagnostic procedures: ophthalmic or buccal exam, abdominal or rectal palpation, vaginal exam, placement of vesical or nasogastric probe , x rays.
Clinical maneuvers: sheing horses, shoed, etc.
Smaller surgeries needing only sedation and small analgesia, wounded, sutures with the association of local anesthesia, etc.
Manage of indocile animals.
Pre-anesthetic or complement for local surgeries.

Due to the depressor effect on the central nervous system, the cautions should be carried to an extreme in the case of their use in animals with severe breathing depression, heart inadequacy or state of deep shock. It should not be administered via intracarotidea. When the road Intravenous is used carry to an extreme the cautions for an application for jugular.

Colateral effects
To the recommended doses slight muscular tremors can be observed, bradicardia with blockade partially atrium-ventricular and decrease of the breathing frequency. All these colateral effects revert spontaneously after the effect of sedation.
The recommended dose doesn’t produce intoxication or overdose.

Sterile multiple dose vial. Net content 20 and 50 ml.

Intravenous 0,5 ml/50 kg of weight (1 up to 1,1 mg/kg).
Intramuscular 1 ml/50 kg of weight (2 up to 2,2 mg/kg).

After administering Xylazina 10% the equine mudy be maintained in a calm atmosphere until the maximum effect of sedation is achieved.


The administration of the suitable dose produces sedation for a period from 1 to 2 hours with analgesia during the first 15 to 30 minutes.

Supplement of local anesthesia:
It is used to the same suitable doses for sedation in conjunction with lidocaine locally.

It is used with the same doses as with sedation. Due to the additive effect of the depression of the central nervous system, it must only be administer 1/2 at 1/3 of the dose of barbiturates to achieve a plane of surgical anesthesia.

Interval among dose:
If being necessary the dosage could be repeated in total or partialy according to the Veterinary Doctor’s approach.

It is recommended as repetition dose: 0,25 ml/50 kg (0,5 mg/kg) for via Intravenous.


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